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Product release notes


We are happy to announce 1.4.0 firmware version release for ELSETA’s WCC Lite. v1.4.0 includes major improvements and introduces new functionalities. What did we focus on for this release? New functionalities: PLC logic. This logic is compatible with IEC 61499 and will be able to perform tasks distributed across several devices and aggregate their results.Official…
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New firmware v1.3.5 for WCCLite

The new version of WCCLite firmware v1.3.5 is available Major changes: IEC 60870-5-103 Master changes: communication and telegram parsing now 10 times faster than before; added fleeting signals support; Added new feature "Diagnostic Report" to share with us snapshots when you have a problem with device behavior and share that information with us. You can…
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New firmware v1.3.4 for WCCLite

The new version of WCCLite firmware v1.3.4 is available Major changes: Protocols: DLMS speedup and improvements in debug and message handling; IEC 60870-5-104 Slave improved memory management now use less RAM able to handle more signals; SNMP now is switched off by default and will be quieter in logs; Modbus TCP Slave now is able…
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WCC Lite new RTU firmware v1.3

We are happy to announce new firmware for WCC Lite RTU. Updated version includes: Protocols  New protocol DLMS/COSEM Serial/TCP with/without authentication.  DNP3.0 Serial and LAN/WAN improvements to Level 3+ for Master and Slave Documentation  Expanded DNP3.0 PID for Master and Slave protocol.  Updated user manual. Cybersecurity Certificate storage. This allows to store certificates for protocol encryption and…
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