New firmware v1.3.4 for WCCLite

The new version of WCCLite firmware v1.3.4 is available

Major changes:


  • DLMS speedup and improvements in debug and message handling;
  • IEC 60870-5-104 Slave improved memory management now use less RAM able to handle more signals;
  • SNMP now is switched off by default and will be quieter in logs;
  • Modbus TCP Slave now is able to serve many devices with different IP addresses;


  • Now in excel added feature to use expressions for logic. It allows to use of math and logical expressions with signals;
  • Added predefined Firewall rules for protocols and they by default are not enabled. Now, much simple to allow access to IEC 104, DNP3.0, SSH, Modbus, and many others.


  • Modbus RTU and many other protocols fixed the issue to handle float type of measurement;
  • Fixed issue when acting with 2 SIM cards;
  • Improved memory management in a tag-engine process to handle more signals with the same amount of RAM;
  •  Imported signals now will act much faster and be updated more frequently.

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