New firmware v1.3.5 for WCCLite

The new version of WCCLite firmware v1.3.5 is available

Major changes:

  • IEC 60870-5-103 Master changes:
    • communication and telegram parsing now 10 times faster than before;
    • added fleeting signals support;
  • Added new feature "Diagnostic Report" to share with us snapshots when you have a problem with device behavior and share that information with us. You can find that System->Backup/Flash firmware menu.
  • Fixed issue with the firewall. Now firewall will respect before firmware update created rules and will keep them after firmware upgrade.
  • Improved modem behavior to work even more stable.
  • We added Last will and Testament messages into MQTT stack.

So let's have fun with our RTU and Datalogger!

To get latest firmware and user manual please contact us:

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