We are happy to announce 1.4.0 firmware version release for ELSETA’s WCC Lite. v1.4.0 includes major improvements and introduces new functionalities. What did we focus on for this release?

New functionalities:

  • PLC logic. This logic is compatible with IEC 61499 and will be able to perform tasks distributed across several devices and aggregate their results.
  • Official WCC Excel utility.  The new utility will enable you to load configurations remotely, and overall speed up the configurations process.
  • MQTT client.  The functionality is currently available for unencrypted data, and recommended for use in local networks. There is also LWT option.
  • GSM status window. This will allow to monitor GSM parameter in real time, restart the modem or switch SIM card.
  • GSM parameters as well as GSM pinger parameters have migrated to Network graph. They were given wider selection options.
  • It is now possible to track signal quality history. Signal quality will also be shown for certain parameters for certain signals.

Bug fixes and major improvements:

  • Updates to Imported signals column filtering.
  • Imported signals now refresh signals by signal_alias and device_alias pair – instead of device_name and signal_name as before.
  • Host parameter is no longer needed for Modbus Slave Serial;
  • Previously, if operator selection was used in Excel - flags would be added incorrectly. This has been updated.
  • For certain mathematical operations some quotation symbols were incorrectly interpreted. They are automatically corrected at reading time to the format understandable for the software.
  • All required updates to out-of-the-box support the upcoming 1.4 firmware version release.

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