WCC Lite new RTU firmware v1.3

We are happy to announce new firmware for WCC Lite RTU.

Updated version includes:


  •  New protocol DLMS/COSEM Serial/TCP with/without authentication.
  •  DNP3.0 Serial and LAN/WAN improvements to Level 3+ for Master and Slave


  •  Expanded DNP3.0 PID for Master and Slave protocol.
  •  Updated user manual.


  • Certificate storage. This allows to store certificates for protocol encryption and web interface (SSL) securely inside device. Even back-up did not allow to download certificates from devices. Web interface now enables to upload new certificates and attach them to protocols.
  • IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3.0 LAN/WAN now supports protocol encryption according to IEC 62351 cyber security standards.
  • New feature to upload device website certificate to avoid certificate forging.
  • Improved role-based access control (RBAC) according to IEC 62351 requirements. Lots of improvements in user rights management.
  • OpenVPN web interface improvements to allow easier configuration.
  • RADIUS improvements in configuration and communication with RADIUS Server.
  • Management information base (MIB) for SNMP protocol now allows to get more information about devices, as well as ability to integrate it into ZABEX and others.

Issue fixing

  • Significant web interface improvements allow to load pages faster.
  • Syslog - improved message storage and prioritisation mechanism, and work with remote servers.
  • RBAC for user groups that use external authentication and authorisation (RADIUS) are unable to change password.
  • Mobile technology selection issue solved.
  • Stability improvements for meter protocol IEC 62056-21 over IP.
  • Memory management improved.
  • Serial communication bug fixing improved.

For more information contact us at info@elseta.com


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