PV power plants remote control

ELSETA has prepared a solution to connect solar power plants to Lithuanian distribution network operator - ESO – according to network specifications.

  • We can prepare an electrical equipment connection project based on required technical specifications.
  • We can prepare a power plant information signal list that represents the typical DNO signal list. The signal list has to be confirmed with the distribution network operator when the technical project is designed.
  • We can install information collection and transmission cubicles with communication equipment. The solution will enable signal transfer between solar power plant and DNO dispatcher center - SCADA/DMS system - when the site needs to be controlled from SCADA/DMS over IEC60870-5-104 protocol.
  • We can install equipment that will separate the internal site electricity network from the distribution network in emergency situations. For this reason, we install remote ON/OFF control from the dispatcher center SCADA/DMS system.
  • Within the solar power plant, we can install active and reactive power control equipment with optional remote control from the dispatcher center SCADA/DMS system:
    • Controlling power factor (cos φ) in PV plants;
    • Controlling reactive power via Q(U) algorithm and PLC.
  • We can install a communication line from distribution panels and meters.
  • With some additional equipment, it is possible to monitor all the PV plant parameters via the remote monitoring system: cloudindustries.eu.
  • More about equipment: https://elseta.com/portfolio/
  • More about solutions: https://elseta.com/solutions/

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