PV plant automation and SCADA control

At Elseta, besides the manufacturing of our devices as the mini RTU, I/Os, etc., we have also created a solution for PV plant control based on the European Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) requirements. We have been doing this service with our WCC Lite starting in 2019 and have completed more than 100 installations in Lithuania and more than 400 installations globally since then.

The broad functionality and adaptability of the WCC Lite contributed to the increasing demand for grid-connected control installations from Elseta. The WCC Lite can be quickly adapted to the changing needs of the grid operators to overcome their challenges increasing with the growing number of grid-connected renewable energy sources or with consumers becoming producers of electricity.

The requirements for the gird-connected renewable power sources are based on the EN 50549 standard, which requires to implement functions such as SCADA remote control in IEC 60870-5-104 or IEC 60870-5-101 protocol and specific generator system control:

  • P set (active power control);
  • Q or Cos φ set (reactive power control);
  • Q(U) (reactive power control from voltage); 
  • P-Q/Pmax (reactive power control in range 0,9 ≤ cosφ ≤ 1,0);
  • Security and connectivity – VPN client, GSM with APN support, Firewall.

Elseta offers a full solution for the RTU cabinets with all of the needed accessories and the WCC Lite inside. The cabinet can also be installed by our engineers or our partners outside of Lithuania and can be offered with the full design, configuration, and commissioning.

Installation scheme for the PV plant grid connection:

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