PV Plants monitoring with WCCLite

Project at a glance:

Product: ELSETA WCC Lite
Client type: Renewable power plants

Plant: 5x PV Plants 75kW, 90kW, 120kW 150kW and 330kW

Location: Nicosia(2x), Larnaca(2x) and Pafos – Cyprus  

Project solution:

Ecotricity Holding Ltd has prepared a solution to monitor renewable power plants in Cyprus with Elseta mini RTU. WCC Lite communicates locally in MODBUS RS485 with Huawei inverters and a weather station that sends the data to a custom platform that has a graphical representation of the weather data (Wind speed, Ambient temperature, Pyranometers, and PV Panel Temperature) as well as the energy produced on a daily, monthly, and overall figure through the inverters. 

Renewable power plant owners can monitor energy production and weather data:
The data are stored on an online database and presented through the custom platform to the client through a secure VPN connection.

You can contact Ecotricity for your projects in Cyprus here: http://www.aerotricity.net/