Monitoring and Power Control in Renewable Power Plants

Project at a glance:

Product: ELSETA Mini RTU and monitoring
Client type: Renewable power plant owner

Project solution:

ELSETA has prepared a DNO-compatible solution to monitor and control power in renewable power plants.

  • Renewable power plant owners can collect and monitor energy production parameters:
    ELSETA data logger collects all key power plant data from meters, controllers, inverters – Active and Reactive Power, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Energy – and sends data to platform for visualization. Owners can monitor power plant parameters for individual sites, or on an aggregate level for multiple renewable power plants. Owners will be automatically informed about unexpected events and can install controls to remotely switch on/off from cloud platform.
  • Solution meets Distribution Network Operator (DNO) requirements:
    • Collecting from meters and monitoring (solar) power plant parameters: Active and Reactive Power, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Energy.
    • Providing remote access to control active and reactive power (power factor) in PV plants. Using ELSETA mini RTU DNOs can remotely set PV inverter parameters such as Active and Reactive Power limitation, Power Factor. (1)
    • Providing remote access to disconnect renewable power plants in emergency situations.

(1) According to Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631 of 14 April 2016 establishing a network code on requirements for grid connection of generators.

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