MV Switchgear measurements

Project at a glance:

Product: ELSETA IOMOD 4Cs4Vs and IOMOD Meter
Client type: Utilities

Location: Middle East

Project solution:

Elseta together with an RMU manufacturing partner has created a solution for medium voltage switchgear measurements in feeders. The additional value it provides for the customer:

  • Measures load on the feeder cable
  • Measures power quality on load transformer
  • Limits load on the transformer and feeder cable to protect equipment from an overload
  • Auto transfer switch function based on measurements and RTU logic
  • Load Management System (LMS) limits end-users based on their contracts

We have chosen to use current and voltage sensors in our solution. This decision was made based on the customer’s need to have an easy installation and to use our solution as standard not only in new secondary substations with an RMU but also in retrofit projects.

The decision to use these types of sensors was made as it gives a possibility to install the sensors on the bushings of gas-insulated switchgear in the secondary energy distribution. The sensors have a slim design and can be adapted to different kinds of T-connectors.

Current and voltage sensors connected directly to Elseta IOMOD 4Cs4Vs or IOMOD Meter module allow using minimal components and have an easy installation. Thanks to Elseta’s Mini RTU flexible stacking and the possibility to distribute the I/O’s, it makes it very valuable in order to deliver a smart RMU in a compact design.

Additionally, that allows expansion of the RTU with minimal changes to accommodate different feeder quantity what makes it easy to design, adapt and maintain.

IOMOD 4Cs4Vs or IOMOD Meter is used in medium-voltage systems up to 36 kV. These devices measure the RMS value for alternating voltage, alternating current, power, and frequency and calculate energy flow direction, neutral voltage, neutral current, power factor, phase angles, and harmonics. Because of these measurements and the possibility to integrate into the SCADA system, customers have the ability to control power quality and manage the flow. All the accurate measurements can be sent to the remote control center via various supported communication protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3.0, MODBUS).