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Remote Monitoring and Control in Secondary Substations

Project at a glance: Product: ELSETA Mini RTU Client type: Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Project solution: ELSETA has created a versatile RTU solution to automate secondary substations. For this the DNOs aim to collect data on the switches position, electricity voltage and current, power transformer load, and send the collected data to distribution grid SCADA…
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Mini RTU – for secondary substation automation

Mini RTU by ELSETA is the most versatile modular solution for secondary substation automation for distribution network operators, utility companies, and factories. Designed for a broad range of applications, ELSETA's Mini RTU originates from WCC Lite combination with optional I/O modules. More information about all features you can find here. Mini RTU by ELSETA collates…
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WCC Lite – data logger

We created an industrial embedded web gateway for alarm management, data logging, and web-based access. WCC Lite is a single-box solution that gives remote web-based access to serial devices over Ethernet or GSM. WCC Lite can be used as a small RTU in secondary substations, renewable power sources, and other places with need to collect…
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