The evolving landscape of medium-voltage (MV) grids, including Smart Grids, power quality (PQ) measurement, and renewable energy integration, underscores the demand for seamless integration of voltage and current measurement in both new and existing applications. With the rapidly expanding deployment of MV sensors across networks, the IEC committee has initiated the development of a series of standards specifically addressing MV sensor technologies.

Elseta’s innovative range of adapters is expertly designed to complement our advanced Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) and measurement and protection devices. In alignment with the rigorous standards set by IEC 60044-7, IEC 60044-8, IEC 61869-11 and IEC 61869-10, our devices are designed to work seamlessly with sensor-type inputs, specifically accommodating voltage sensors with AC 3.25 V/√3 and AC 225 mV inputs.

We have developed a variety of adapters for sensors to ensure versatility and broad compatibility.

This adapter is designed to easily connect individual low power current or voltage sensors and connect over RJ45 connector with Elseta IOMOD series devices (IOMOD FPI-RJ, IOMOD Meter v1-RJ).


Simplified Wiring and Installation: The ability to connect via wire to the low-voltage secondary circuit simplifies the wiring process, making installation quicker and more cost-effective. This is particularly beneficial in complex or space-constrained environments.

Isolation and Safety: Adapters can provide additional electrical isolation between the high-power circuits and the sensitive electronic measurement and protection circuits. This enhances safety and reduces the risk of damage to the electronic components.

Standardisation and Interoperability: By conforming to widely accepted standards, adapters ensure interoperability between different types of equipment and sensors, simplifying integration in diverse electrical systems.

Modularity: The modular nature of using adapters allows for more flexible system design and easier troubleshooting and maintenance. Components can be added, removed, or replaced without affecting the rest of the system.

Ease of Upgrade and Replacement: If sensor technology evolves or if there’s a need to replace a sensor, using adapters makes it easier to upgrade without modifying the entire system. This is more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Versatility and Compatibility: Adapters allow for the use of a wide range of current and voltage sensors, catering to different standards and specifications. This enables the devices to be used in various electrical environments without the need for custom-built hardware.

Cost-Effectiveness: Adapters can be a more cost-effective solution compared to designing and manufacturing specialised integrated circuits for each application, especially for low to medium volume applications.

Compatibility with Standards: An additional significant benefit of our adapters is their compatibility with a range of international and industry standards. This compliance ensures that our products meet the highest levels of quality, safety, and performance, aligning with global best practices. The relevant standards include:

  • IEC 60044-7: About electronic voltage transformers, this standard covers the requirements for voltage sensor inputs, ensuring accuracy and reliability in voltage measurement.
  • IEC 60044-8: This standard applies to electronic current transformers, guiding the requirements for current sensor inputs, crucial for precise current measurement.
  • IEC 61869-10: Focusing on additional requirements for electronic current transformers, it extends the scope of IEC 60044-8, providing a more comprehensive framework for current measurement accuracy.
  • IEC 61869-11: Similar to IEC 61869-10, this standard is specific to electronic voltage transformers, supplementing the guidelines of IEC 60044-7 for enhanced voltage measurement precision.

By ensuring compatibility with these standards, our adapters not only guarantee the technical excellence of our products but also facilitate their integration into various electrical systems worldwide. This compliance serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions in the field of electrical measurement and protection.


Device dataSensors adapter
Product DescriptionSensors adapter with RJ45 connectors to Elseta RJ standards -> merging of current or voltage sensors measurements provided by the three-phase merging with IOMOD FPI and IOMOD Meter devices.
InputAC 3x225mV or AC 3x 3.25 V/√3
Rated frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz (Range between 45 Hz and 65 Hz)
OutputAC 3x225mV or AC 3x 3.25 V/√3
Operating conditions
Operating temperature-40°C … 55°C
Storage temperature-40°C … 85°C
Relative humiditymax. 95 % (non condensing)
Protection classIP20
Dimensions and installation instructions
Case height x width x depth90 x 35.3 x 55 mm
Installation typeDIN Rail mounting
Warranty2 years


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SENSORSA – 3-phase Sensors adapters to Elseta RJ standards for connection with IOMOD FPI and IOMOD Meter

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