WCClite downloads

WCCLite downloads

Here you can find our latest software versions and documentation.

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WCCLite firmware version 1.4.0 (released 4/4/2020)

RTU Firmware v.1.4.0 -> Download

Cloud Firmware v.1.4.0 -> Download

User Manual v.1.4.0 -> Download

WCC-excel-utility v1.2.19 -> Download

4diac development environment for integrated PLC.

Download it from here.

New functionalities:
  • PLC logic. This logic is compatible with IEC 61499 and will be able to perform tasks distributed across several devices and aggregate their results.
  • Official WCC Excel utility.  The new utility will enable you to load configurations remotely, and overall speed up the configurations process.
  • MQTT client.  The functionality is currently available for unencrypted data and recommended for use in local networks. There is also an LWT option.
  • GSM status window. This will allow us to monitor the GSM parameter in real-time, restart the modem or switch SIM card.
  • GSM parameters, as well as GSM pinger parameters, have migrated to the Network graph. They were given wider selection options.
  • It is now possible to track signal quality history. Signal quality will also be shown for certain parameters for certain signals.

More about all WCCLite v.1.4 features read here.

Version changes since v1.3.7 firmware:
  • Updates to Imported signals column filtering
  • Imported signals now refresh signals by signal_alias and device_alias pair – instead of device_name and signal_name as before;
  • Host parameter is no longer needed for Modbus Slave Serial;
  • Previously, if operator selection was used in Excel - flags would be added incorrectly. This has been updated;
  • For certain mathematical operations, some quotation symbols were incorrectly interpreted. They are automatically corrected at reading time to the format understandable for the software;
  • All required updates to out-of-the-box support the upcoming 1.4 firmware version release;
    Known issues:
    • no issues were funded
    WCCLite firmware version 1.3.7 (released 23/03/2020)

    NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

    RTU Firmware v.1.3.7 -> Download

    Cloud Firmware v.1.3.7 -> Download

    Version changes since last firmware:
    • IEC 60870-5-103 process handles device connection/disconnection more robustly;
    • Multiple Modbus commands can be sent without causing process crash;
    • Modbus commands can be executed one after another if that device is handled by the process at that moment;
    • IEC 60870-5-103 endianness problems fixed;
    Known issues:
    • some quote (unquote) symbols may break math_expression functionality
    WCCLite firmware version 1.3.6

    NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

    RTU Firmware v.1.3.6 -> Download

    Version changes since last firmware:
    • IEC 60870-5-103 protocol error counting mechanism problem which hangs the process is fixed;
    Known issues:
    • IEC 60870-5-103 process might get overrun and hang if the device is disconnected for lengthy amounts of time;
    • multiple Modbus commands in a row may cause a segmentation fault
    WCCLite firmware version 1.3.5

    NOTE: Unzip before putting into the device!

    RTU Firmware v.1.3.5 -> Download

    Cloud Firmware v.1.3.5 -> Download

    User Manual v.1.3.5 -> Download

    Version changes since last firmware:
    • Speedup 10x  of an IEC 60870-5-103 Master protocol;
    • IEC 60870-5-103 signals of the fleeting type introduced;
    • System Diagnostic Report function introduced (System->Backup/Flash Firmware);
    • Fixes for default protocol hub firewall rules;
    • modem now are timed with timeouts to rule out any script going rogue on CPU;
    • Last Will and Testament messages now technically supported for MQTT (via rm-bridge) protocol.
    Known issues:
    • IEC 60870-5-103 error counting mechanism might hang the process.