WCCLite firmware version 1.7.0 (released 08/11/2022)


  • NEW scripts engine on WCCLite – LUA Runner
  • NEW: support of multiple Lua scripts with access to selected tags
  • NEW: web interface to upload scripts and control (stop/run)
  • NEW: Excel added functionality to control Lua scripts

DLMS/Cosem Master v1.0.7

  • FIX: Syslog is written only once per error til the next successful read, Debug printing continues on subsequent errors.
  • NEW: Error codes for register configuration and socket timeout.

MQTT Publish v1.2.0

  • NEW: MQTT protocol is now listed in the protocol connections tab making it asy to debug link status.
  • NEW: MQTT publish DNS support enables to use of domain names instead of IP addresses. Now supports both IP and DNS as host.

WCC Excel utility (v1.7.0) and internal WCCLite Protocol HUB configuration upload:

  • NEW: MQTT publish DNS support enables using domain names instead of IP address only previously.
  • NEW: IEC101-Slave Added default values for parameters like message_size and respond_delay  now that can be not configured in excel. 
  • NEW Lua-runner script running engine. Configurations are now available for Lua script engine.
  • FIX: Data-Export service logging_period_aligned now only supports integer type 1 and 0 as true or false.

To read more please visit our WIKI page.

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Elseta with EMTELE at The Verkosto trade fair in Tampere, Finland

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The Vinci Software v3.2.0 released

What's new Added TLS 1.2 support to IEC 60870-5-104 master. To use this with your slave, you need to have a PKCS#12 certificate archive. The default prefixes are .p12 or .pfx. This feature is only available to licensed clients. You can enable TLS from...

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ELSETA WCCLite now has tested and certified IEC 60870-5-104 ed.2 by DNV (KEMA). 


We are constantly working to improve our RTU and Datalogger features this release is very special for us and hope for our customers too. Let's look what was changed: Excel configuration now works 10x times faster and no limiting signals. Now you can use same as was...


We are excited to announce the long-awaited v1.5.0 firmware release for ELSETA’s WCC Lite. With v1.5.0 we introduce major updates to WCC Lite capabilities. See below all that it entails: Remote debugging and protocol analysis of WCC Lite protocols on your PC: By using...