Elseta introduces the innovative ConMod P1Modbus, a compact industrial protocol converter, revolutionizing the integration of smart meters with energy management systems. This device enables the conversion of smart meter data from the P1 interface to the widely utilized Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols, making it an essential tool for remote monitoring, SCADA systems, and more. With compatibility across various DSMR interface versions, the ConMod P1Modbus ensures seamless data format support.

The device stands out for its dual interface capability, offering both RS485 and Wi-Fi connectivity, thus ensuring flexibility in industrial applications. Designed with cybersecurity at its core, it allows for the disabling of Wi-Fi to safeguard against unauthorized access in critical infrastructures. Configuration is made simple through Wi-Fi, and accessible via smartphones or computers, while built-in LEDs provide real-time status indicators.

Featuring simultaneous support for Modbus RTU and TCP, user-friendly configuration options, and a broad power supply range of 5V to 60VDC, the ConMod P1Modbus is tailored for diverse industrial needs. Its external Wi-Fi antenna enhances connectivity, further emphasizing Elseta’s commitment to delivering advanced, secure, and user-friendly solutions for modern energy management challenges.

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